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The Bigweld Industries building.

Bigweld Industries is the largest and most influential corporation in Robot City. Because of its monopoly in the production of robot parts, the powerful company essentially runs the city with little opposition. The company is also known for its innovative efforts and its endearing slogan 'you can shine no matter what you're made of'. The company is named after its founder, Mr. Bigweld.

Before the start of Robots, Phineas T. Ratchet took over the company and stopped production of robot parts. He created Upgrades to replace the old parts using metal from the Chop Shop in a selfish bid to 'out-mode' robots, forcing them to buy these upgrades or be left to rust, eventually breaking down completely and getting incinerated for producing more upgrades. The course of the movie revolves around Rodney Copperbottom and his friends' attempt to terminate Ratchet's ruling of the company. Ratchet's actions are degrading the lives of various robots who are not able to afford these upgrades, and as a result the company betrayed Rodney, triggering him to try to reform Bigweld Industries.

Following Ratchet's downfall after his defeat, Bigweld took over the company again and made Rodney his successor for his valiant efforts.