Bumper "Fender" Pinwheeler is Rodney's best friend and the deuteragonist of Robots. He is voiced by the late Robin Williams. He is formerly cocky, arrogant, tricky, selfish, sly, greedy and mean to Rodney and at the end, he is nice, kind, selfless, silly, clumsy, funny and calm.

Appearance and Personality

Physical Appearance

Fender is rusty red robot with light brown eyes, and thins arms and legs. He is prone to losing his limbs, and frequently breaks down at bad times. During the movie, he loses his right eye, his head, his arms, and his rear end. He also loses his legs. After he is captured by a sweeper and taken to the Chop Shop, Fender's legs fall off right before he is about to be melted down. In a panicked attempt to escape, he hastily grabs a different set of legs and puts it on. However, as Fender soon realizes, it is a set of female legs, complete with high heels and a skirt. He is seen with these new legs for the rest of the movie. Additionally, during the final fight, he dons a headpiece resembling viking horns and wields a spear. However, since Bigweld and Rodney are put back in charge of Bigweld industries, and spare parts are placed back into production, it is very likely that Fender got back his correct legs, which is further supported in the last picture inside the Robots Movie storybook.


Fender is always open to opportunities to make money off of others. An example of this is when he wanted to charge Rodney 50 dollars for some photos. He sometimes enjoys thrills in life. Like the methods of transportation in Robot City. His personality gradually changes over the course of the movie, as he interacts with new events and friends.


  • Despite Piper often being called in character profiles Piper Pinwheeler, Fender is not referred to by his last name.
  • He often falls apart.
  • He somehow lays an egg during the fight scene in the film.
  • Loretta seems to have no problem with his female lower-half
  • After Rodney and Bigweld ran Bigweld Industries together, and put in spare parts back at production, it's highly likely they made spare legs for Fender that looked like his real legs, as in the last page of the Robots Movie storybook, he was shown with his correct legs.
  • Fender's name used to be "Bumper", but he had to change it when he and his family moved into the country.

Memorable Quotes

"Put your head between your legs."

"Aunt FAAAAANNY! We brought someone!"

"He's been rear ended..."

"We shall leave in a HUFF!"

"gimme eyes Big eyes gimme B i g A N I M E E Y E S "