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Herb Copperbottom is a supporting character in Robots. He is voiced by Stanley Tucci.

Physical Appearance

Herb somewhat resembles his son Rodney, having a similar, but shorter "hairstyle", a similar body shape, and the same eye color. He is also colored light blue. Because he works at a diner, Herb has a dishwashing machine that can attach to his chest. However, he quits his job and discards the machine at the end of the film.


Herb is Rodney's role model. He is very carefree and supportive of his son, and the two share a fondness for Bigweld and his television show. Herb encourages young Rodney to follow his dreams to work alongside Bigweld as an inventor. He cares very much for Rodney, as he was enthusiastic to be a father at the beginning of the movie and believed that his son would do great things. Herb wanted to be a musician as a child, but due to lack of support from his own father (which was Rodney's grandfather), he became a dishwasher in order to pay the bills. He is the one who purchases Rodney a train ticket for Robot City, despite the protests of his wife Lydia. While his son is away, Herb begins to break down because of Ratchet's plan to discontinue making spare parts, but remains optimistic. At the end of the movie, he quits his job by dumping his dishwashing machine over his boss' head. He then meets Bigweld, who supplies him with plenty of parts to keep him going. He also finally fulfills his dream of being a musician, when Rodney gives him a brass wind instrument resembling a French horn.