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Loretta Geargrinder is a supporting character in Robots. She is voiced by Natasha Lyonne in the US release and Cat Deeley in the UK release.

She's also the love interest of Fender.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Loretta is an attractive female robot with light blue eyes. She is very tall and thin, with pink upgrades for "clothes". She has red "hair" which is set in two "ponytails": one on the back of her head and one atop her head.


Not much is known about Loretta's personality because her role in the movie is so small. She is presumably from a wealthy family, because she was attending the Bigweld Ball and was seen to live in a large house when Fender walked her home. She met Fender while he and Rodney were crashing the Bigweld Ball, and believed him to be an eccentric billionaire because of his disguise. The two instantly fell for each other and started to dance. Fender also walked her home after the party. Some time later, it is revealed that Loretta works as a receptionist at Bigweld Industries, and presumably did not support Ratchet's agenda because she was excited to see Bigweld return. She also appears at the victory celebration in Rivet Town, where she once again dances with Fender. Here, Loretta does not seem to mind his new, feminine legs.