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Lydia Copperbottom is a supporting character in Robots. She is voiced by Dianne Wiest.

Physical Appearance

Lydia has short, copper-colored "hair", green eyes, and wears a green bell-bottom dress. She seems to have a large lightbulb on her chest and a spring on her hair.


Lydia is a very kindhearted housewife, but is also prone to being melodramatic. She was extremely reluctant to let her son Rodney go off on his own, and made every effort to stop him until her husband Herb convinced her that he needed to go. It was hard for Lydia; she was very sad to see Rodney leave. At the end of the movie, Lydia, like her husband, is overjoyed to see Rodney again when he returns to Rivet Town. She is very proud of her son and his accomplishments, and is happy to see Herb live out his dream of being a musician.