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Madame Gasket is the main antagonist of Blue Sky’s second animated feature film Robots.

She was Rodney's arch-nemesis, Phineas T. Ratchet's mother and boss also Bigweld's arch-rival. She is voiced by Jim Broadbent.

Physical Appearance

Madame Gasket is a fearsome-looking robot with yellow eyes, red and orange volcano-like crown, and a metal unibrow.

She has a claw for her right hand and a sharp, pincher-like weapon for her left.

She travels on three large wheels that are hidden under the rest of her body.

The top of her head appears to be some kind of motor with sawblades in it, which is always spewing out smoke. Because of her unnatural appearance, many other robots mistake Madame Gasket for a man.

Ratchet is embarrassed about her looks.

She has a set of wires with a harness which she uses to get around the Chop Shop.


Madame Gasket is the mastermind behind the plan to kill off all robots deemed "outmodes" and turn them into upgrades.

She is truly ruthless, hot-tempered, baleful, evil, psychotic, vituperative, sadistic, power-hungry, sarcastic, greedy, selfish, self-centered, persuasive, vain, cunning, and manipulative.

She has Ratchet execute her plan by tempting him with the thought of more money and less rusty robots. It is unknown what she has against outmodes as she could easily be considered one herself due to her appearance.

Madame Gasket is also the head of an underground factory called the Chop Shop, which melts down discarded scrap metal to turn into upgrades.

She has no problem with killing off other robots, as she tried to have Bigweld dumped into the Chop Shop's furnace, and she ordered her army of mutant robots to turn Rodney and the other outmodes into scrap metal.

Although she is sinister and malevolent, Madame Gasket does have a soft motherly side, which can be seen whenever Ratchet is around.

She genuinely cares for him as she gave him a framed picture of herself captioned and praised him when he agreed to help carry out her plan.

Ratchet later presented her with an army of shiny, upgraded sweepers to use for killing outmodes, much to her delight.


  • Although it is unknown why or how she became evil in the first place and hates the outmodes when she is an outmode, she probably does it out of greed to gain profit from the sold ingots. She is one of the few characters to die in the movie.