Rodney wielding the Magnabeam.

The Magnabeam is a weapon and gadget wielded by Rodney Copperbottom in the home console version of Robots. He first acquires the blueprint for it in the City level of the game and must go in the city to acquire the sixteen blueprint pieces. After obtaining the sixteen parts of the blueprint Rodney then goes to Jack Hammer who assembles the weapon for him to use.

Magnabeam First Person In Use

Rodney firing the Magnabeam.

The Magnabeam uses energy to activate and is the first weapon in the game to require energy. It fires a yellow beam that lifts any enemy that is not attached to the ground. After the enemy has been lifted high enough a red exclamation point will appear, this means that Rodney can drop the enemy robot and destroy it. It is also used to pull magnetic objects with a magnet emblem on it towards Rodney.