Mr. Gunk

Mr. Gunk is a minor antagonist in Robots. He is voiced by Dan Hasyba.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Gunk is a dark green robot with yellow eyes consisting of brown pupils. His body is actually a large cash register, and his nose is a clock, hinting that he is greedy and enforces a tight schedule. He also appears to have a cleft chin.


Mr. Gunk is the catty, cynical, and snide owner of a diner called "Gunk's Greasy Spoon". He frequently belittles Herb, whom he always addressess by his surname. He first appears at the beginning of the movie. When the Wonderbot is helping Herb and Rodney clean dishes, Mr. Gunk bursts into the kitchen and begins yelling at Herb. This frightens the Wonderbot and causes it to go into a panic in which it breaks everything in its path. Mr. Gunk tries to attack the Wonderbot, but Rodney stops him, resulting in him falling into a tub of oil. He then fires Rodney and scolds Herb.

He is not seen again until the end of the movie. Herb is working when Lydia appears and urges him to come outside and see Rodney. Mr. Gunk angrily tries to stop him and force him to return to his work. However, fed up with his boss, Herb dumps his dishwashing machine over Mr. Gunk's head. As Herb and Lydia leave the diner, Mr. Gunk shouts at Herb, but they ignore him and he is knocked backward as the swinging doors close on him.


  • "You, clean up this mess and you, GET OUT!!! Inventor, YOU'RE THE HAND-ME DOWN SON OF A DISHWASHER, AND THAT'S ALL YOU'LL EVER BE!!! Somebody scrape this crud off of me, and serve it to the customers."
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