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Phineas T. Ratchet is the secondary antagonist of Robots. He is Rodney's arch-rival and Madame Gasket's son and henchman. He is voiced by Greg Kinnear.

Appearance and Personality

Physical Appearance

Ratchet is a tall, shiny, silver robot with light brown eyes.

He is slicked off to the right side of his head.

He is covered in upgrades, which give him the look of a polished businessman wearing a tuxedo, complete with a tie.

However, he loses these upgrades at the end of the film during the final battle.

He along with his Dad were Both Locked Up in Prison for 10 to 12 years.


Ratchet is a relentless and scandalous corporate social climber, who takes charge of Bigweld Industries after Bigweld departs and goes into hiding.

He is extremely prideful, stingy, egotistical, insensitive, and materialistic as he decides to discontinue making spare parts so that older, rusty robots would be forced to either buy upgrades or become "outmodes" and get taken away to his mother's Chop Shop.

This was partly because of stinginess and partly because he dislikes rusty robots.

Ratchet flirting with Cappy

In order to move his plans forward, Ratchet tortures most of his employees, into supporting him. Because of this, Ratchet is also viewed as a torturer by most of his underlings and the broken-down robots.

Ratchet flirting with Cappy at the Bigweld Ball

Also, he believes himself to be a ladies' man as he unsuccessfully tries to flirt with Cappy a million times.

And yet, Ratchet is merely a stooge compared to Madame Gasket.

He carries out her plans and obediently bends to her will.

It’s revealed that when Ratchet causes Bigweld Industries to quit making spare parts, the robots who cannot afford to buy upgrades will be gathered up by Madame Gasket's sweepers and taken to the Chop Shop, where they’ll be melted down and turned into upgrades.

Ratchet is partially just performing his mother's plan, but it benefits him in addition.

A softer side of Ratchet is seen while he is around his mother, as the two do genuinely seem to care about each other.

However, Ratchet is mortified by her because of her hideous, rusty appearance. And what’s more, he has a bond with his father.


  • Phineas T. Ratchet has the same name as Ratchet, the main titular protagonist of the Ratchet & Clank franchise.