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A trail of scrap.

Scrap is an item that Rodney Copperbottom collects through the course of the Robots home console game. Scrap is used by the Scrap Launcher as projectile ammo.

Scrap is also a currency used at vending machines and Jack Hammer's shop to purchase items such as Scrap Launcher and energy capacity upgrades, disposable weapons, and even the Electro Shot. Rodney can hold up to 200 scrap at first, but Maxi-Scrap 500 and 1000 upgrades will increase his scrap capacity to 500 and 1000 respectively.

A trail of scrap in a ball segment, including a Super Scrap bolt that is worth 25 scrap.

Scrap is dropped by destroying crates and enemies, and appears in various locations in each of the game levels. Most scrap is worth one unit when collected. A Super Scrap item exists that looks like a screw with a red nut round it that is worth 25 scrap. The value of scrap can be upgraded by obtaining the Refine-O-Max upgrade for 800 scrap at a vendor or 400 at Jack Hammer's Hardware, which doubles how much Rodney's scrap count increases when he collects scrap.