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The Sewer Maintenance Bot in the movie.

The Sewer Maintenance Bot is an antagonist in the Robots film. He is also a boss in the home console version of Robots.

Boss fight

The Sewer Maintenance Bot in the Robots game.

During the course of the game in the level "Sewer Showdown," the Sewer Maintenance Bot stole the shipment for the Scramblers that Jack Hammer ordered for Rodney Copperbottom to use. A boss fight happens with him where he attacks by activating cannons that launch robot dogs and green blobs of acid. With no explanation, Rodney is forced to use his wrench to battle him, as other weapons are disabled, and the player is unable to switch his weapons or even open the map menu.

There are five cannons on his side, and five on the other side that Rodney can use to attack and damage him. Generally, waiting for the Sewer Maintenance Bot to fire the fourth cannon then rushing to the cannon on the other side of the cannon he has yet to use that cycle, then hitting it with the Wrench as he approaches or the fifth cannon, or as soon as he reaches it due to him stopping and laughing after reaching the final cannon, will cause him to be hit by cannon fire and take damage, though this is a slow and methodical way to take him down. This is not required though, and he can be damaged before he uses the fourth cannon if the player is able to predict what cannon he hits next correctly and hits him during his walk cycle. He gets destroyed after he is hit by 10 cannon shots from Rodney, after which the level is complete and Rodney gains the ability to use the Scramblers.

Rodney can take damage from the robot dogs launched by the Sewer Maintenance Bot, so the wrench should be used to destroy them to reduce the amount of damage he takes. In addition, the green acid that he launches from the cannons should not be walked on, as Rodney also takes damage from them. However, the Sewer Maintenance Bot does not take damage from the acid on the floor, he only takes damage from being damaged directly.

Physical Appearance

Sewer Maintenance bot have bulk robot his right hand have a wrecking ball and his left hand have ball over with four fingers and have a treads have metal mustache his spike hair on top look like Dr. Frankenstein's Monster

in game he have legs and engine part on his back


It's Similar like Brute with on trash can but he doesn't have leg

Sewer Maintenace bot look like a Dr. Frankenstein's Monster