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Tim is a minor antagonist in Robots. He is voiced by Paul Giamatti.

Physical Appearance

Tim is a very small puppet-like robot with black, beady eyes. With his large hat and stubby arms, he strongly resembles a ventriloquist dummy or a hand-puppet. His voice sounds similar to Mickey Mouse and Elmo.


Tim first appears in the movie as a character on The Bigweld Show. He is the gatekeeper of Bigweld Industries, and is seen being lectured by Bigweld about always keeping the gate open, because Bigweld believes that shutting the gate would mean shutting out fresh ideas from other inventors. This version of Tim is comical and benevolent, as opposed to his true nature.

Tim is much less friendly in real life. When Rodney approaches the gate to Bigweld Industries, he attempts to make a lighthearted joke about the gate never being closed, as a reference to the show. However, Tim sarcastically brushes off this remark. He proceeds to taunt Rodney by opening the gate for him, then slamming it shut when Rodney is about to enter. Tim does this multiple times, before finally explaining to Rodney that times have changed and Bigweld Industries is no longer what it used to be. He rudely calls Rodney a freak and continues to taunt him. Some time later, when Rodney is thrown out of Bigweld Industries, Tim resumes teasing him. He shouts "Get lost, freak!" as Rodney leaves.

However, Tim may become servile when intimidated. He appears some time later when Rodney, Fender and the Wonderbot (wearing disguises) crash the Bigweld Ball, which is held at Bigweld Industries. Fender, using his acting skills, informs him that he and Rodney are royalty. Tim is visibly flustered, and lets them in. As they enter, Fender smacks him hard enough to knock him out of his booth, to which he feebly replies "Thank you, your grace."

Tim appears in the final scene of the movie when, despite his protests, the Wonderbot throws him out of the victory celebration in Rivet Town. It is presumed he was fired from Bigweld Industries.

It could be possible that Ratchet taking over Bigweld Industries is the reason why Tim was so rude once Bigweld left.