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Upgrades are objects frequently seen in Robots. They are used to make robots appear shinier and more physically appealing.

General Description

When Ratchet takes control of Bigweld Industries, he decides to permanently eradicate rusty, broken-down robots by halting the production of spare parts. This will force the robots with broken parts (called "outmodes") to purchase upgrades, making themselves look better and bringing in a profit for Ratchet and his cronies. Those who cannot afford upgrades will be taken to the Chop Shop. Thus, upgrades are presented as a shallow and conformist means of making oneself more physically attractive. It is unknown if they were available before Bigweld went into hiding, nor if they are still available now that he has taken charge again. If they still are available after Bigweld regains control or with some remaining in certain stores, the prices probably have been reduced to be a lot more affordable for any who still want upgrades.

Robots with Upgrades

  • Ratchet: His upgrades give him the look of a polished businessman, complete with a silver tuxedo and a red tie. However, Ratchet loses his upgrades at the end of the movie.
  • Cappy: Like Ratchet, her upgrades make her look attractive and polished. However, it appears that she can change her upgrades as if they were clothes. Throughout the movie, Cappy is seen wearing her regular casual black clothes, a smart co-executive suit, and a black sleek strapless and backless evening gown.

The Rusties

Before the final fight, Rodney convinces the Rusties (excluding Piper) to "upgrade" themselves as well, using discarded pieces of junk. These upgrades are different however because they weren't meant to make them look more attractive but to make them stronger and give them fighting abilities for the final confrontation with Ratchet and Madame Gasket. Making them a lot useful and a whole less conformist and with a real and more necessary purpose.

  • Fender: In addition to the female legs he has acquired in an earlier scene, he also dons a headpiece resembling viking horns, and wears two circular plates on his chest, resembling a woman's breasts. As a weapon, he wields a spear. The "theme" of his upgrades appears to be that of a Valkyrie.
  • Crank: He swaps out his regular-sized wheels for three much larger ones, giving him the appearance of a monster truck. He also wears a set of very bright headlights on his forehead, in addition to a tailpipe behind him and an oil drum on the back. The "theme" of his upgrades appears to be a monster truck.
  • Lug: He wears a cape, a black mask, black boots and a large metal belt. The "theme" of his upgrades appears to be a professional wrestler.
  • Diesel: He dons a large headpiece resembling a cowboy hat, and a large set of metallic boots attached to his legs, making him taller and two spike ball lunking guns as weapons. He seems to have an announcer-like voicebox. The "theme" of his upgrades appears to be a cowboy.
  • Cappy: She gains a golden pin, black clothes, and starts using wheel skates for the battle.